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Thermal Park

The thermal pool park extends over 4 levels for a size of approximately 3000sqm.

On the first level there is the central swimming pool consisting of two pools of water, respectively of about 60sqm for bathing children and of about 350sqm, for bathing adults, which can be fed with water from the 5 thermal springs depending on the temperature that you want to get. In fact, having available 5 types of thermal water at different temperatures from 25 ° to 64 ° you can determine the right mix for each season. In the second level, there is the natural geyser with the temperature varying from 50 ° to 65 ° and the relative collection tank of the mud that naturally comes out of the same source. In the third level there is the basin with its mud cascade which, thanks to the particular properties of the water, is able to form magnificent sculptures of sulfur and lime. On the fourth level, instead, there is the Venus bath with a lower water temperature than all the others.

Hotel Terme Capasso

Thermal Park

A path of thermal water and nature

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Our wonderful thermal pool park