The Water of Capasso

The thermal water of Terme Capasso
The Capasso springs, which the ancients called dell'Oliveto, later known as the Sweet Bath for the particular sensation of well-being experienced by those who immerse themselves in them, flow at a temperature of about 47 ° C, chemically classified as alkaline bicarbonate sulphurous mineral thermal water.

The richness of mineralization and the degree of radioactivity make these waters a unique case in Italy, making them particularly effective in the treatment of arthro-rheumatic diseases, as well as in the treatment of the skin and respiratory system, otolaryngological diseases and disorders of the genital sphere. female.

But the really special and indisputable thing is that during the dive you immediately feel the reactivation of the functions, the breathing becomes wider and the skin becomes velvety. In short, suddenly, you are more active and a beneficial sense of heat and energy pervades the whole organism.
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